Archive / April, 2015

Amano Kebari

A quick easy yet very effective fly to tie. This fly has proven itself time again in the dark peat stained water around where I live in the Peak District. Played in the water it induces takes very effectively.       Tenkara Amano Kebari flies – bo 524 £3.99  White 6/0 uni thread body […]

Fujioka Kebari

Fujioka Kebari on Mustad hooks type 3407 size 12. Japanese Zenmai body dubbing, Peacock herl tag and a hackle from an Irish Picric Hen Cape. I’ve incorporated not only a section to show what equipment I use in this video but also how I prepare the Zenmai dubbing as requested via a message after my video of […]

Gujo Kebari

The Gujo Kebari, Made with natural Japanese Zenmai Gujo Kebari on Mustad hooks type 3407 size 12. Japanese Zenmai body dubbing and a White/Cream hackle. Zenmai Watage is used as a body dubbing material for traditional flies (Zenmai-dou flies). Zenmai is a very popular Sansai (Mountain plant) which is also a tasty high quality food. […]