Quality leaders at the right price

Tenkarastuff is a one man show set in foothills of the beautiful Peak District national park. I go fishing round the area “quite a lot”! Tenkara was introduced to me in the late 70’s, as well as being shown how to tie the flies, the ethics have always been very important to me.

It shouldn’t be expensive – it is a real working mans way to fish, probably why it’s so effective! These guys had to feed their family and in a lot of instances make some money/barter with the fish they caught. I can’t say I intended to get into this as much as I have. I taught tenkara to those who wanted it and they’d ask me if I would tie them flies and if I could help them get them some good gear, the rest has just happened. It was never a consideration to build this into a business and it still isn’t really, it’s more like an over reaction to a very enjoyable pastime – Hench the keen prices in the shop! At the moment I’m enjoying watching tenkara grow and helping to do that has been and is a joy.

It is great that today we can enjoy this way of fishing and don’t have to make bamboo rods and silk lines etc… The advantages of modern carbon fiber rods and fluorocarbon lines has also brought this into the affordable side of fishing. I feel quite strong about this too, hench the fact I search for hours for quality products at the right price. My latest has been in the field of the lines used in tenkara and I’ve managed to not just find material that is premium quality but at a sensible price.  I’ve also been very lucky to learn how to tie furled leaders. The first few were pretty bad but over the last year I’ve worked hard and perfected this and I’m extremely excited at just how they are now turning out. The feedback I’m now getting has been quite flattering 🙂 but the main thing is, I can make them at a great price. Now available in the shop…

Looking ahead to this year I’m hoping to get a lot more content on the site, video, reviews and a load of “how to’s”. I get asked quite a lot about tenkara and due to getting this website up and running as well as searching for the right stock and teaching tenkara, I hope this year coming will give me a little more time to answer some of those questions via reviews or videos. If there is anything you’d like to ask please do, I’ll answer via email and it’ll be added to the growing list of subjects to cover.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, all the best, Rae