Tenkara on the Isle of Mull

A week on the Isle of Mull with Tenkara on my mind…

Everywhere I go now along the tenkara pack, it takes very little room and is so light it can go anywhere with me.

Mull is an incredible place to visit.

The whole week could have been spent sightseeing, every turn another visual masterpiece to be absorbed into the memory bank but I came to fulfil another itch that had to be scratched. There are a few great locations too for tenkara. Before my visit google earth was searched for some possibilities. To my delight Mull had more than a few to aim for.

On a trip to Iona we would pass one of those possibilities. Where the river joins Loch Beg the road (A849) goes over a bridge and carries on up past Uluvalt, it looked promising and as we went passed it was clocked straight away and we knew on the way back we’d be spending time on that stretch of river.

After our visit to Iona we looked for a place near the river to park, there are plenty of spaces for passing on the miles of single track roads but they are for passing and not for parking, so this isn’t as easy as you would think. As the B8035 joins the A849 right at the end of Loch Beg there are a few spots to get the car safely off the road. You’ll see the sign that say’s “scenic route to Salen”! The Scottish have a strange sense of humour – I didn’t see one stretch of road that wasn’t scenic… So here we were, our first taste of tenkara on Mull.

tenkara on Mull

The tenkara was a joy,

wishing the waders had been packed as I’m sure that would have added to the experience. Over all I found it difficult to really concentrate due to the stunning scenery. As we got to a very promising pool over head a couple of jackdaws were trying to “move on” a Golden Eagle. I’d taken a small camera and my binoculars with me so the tenkara took a little bit of a back seat for a while. After sitting on the bank taking all this in, we came to the conclusion that if it wasn’t for the tenkara we would have missed some of the things we’d seen, it is truly a beautiful place full of wildlife and when you put yourself right in the heart of it, it does come to you. Which is exactly what we had done by trying tenkara here.

If it wasn’t for all the distractions, or our enjoyment of all the distractions, I’m sure this first taste of tenkara on Mull may have been fruitful. We have to remind ourselves though that this is “fishing” and not “catching” sometimes the delights of just being there can genuinely outweigh the thrill of a tight line.

Many places for tenkara

tenkara on Mull One very good spot we found was just off the main road (A848) from Craignure to Tobermory called Aros. You see the bridge as you come in to the small tidal bay. Just before the river is a road to Tenga that hugs a terrific river ideal for tenkara. Again a single track road but just after the cattle grid there are places to park on the right. We can also say a successful day was had too 🙂

There are a few more rivers we didn’t get to due to the limited time we had, the sightseeing we did  and the sea fishing we enjoyed. I hope to get back on the Isle at some point to tick a few more off and maybe even get on one of the many lochs and try tenkara from a boat again. Time on Mull simply runs away and before you know it you’re on your way home. Luckily I’ll be back to the west coast of Scotland again in June with plenty of tenkara to be had on lochs and rivers.