The Killer Bug Kebari – KBK caught on camera!

The Killer Bug Kebari designed by has proved itself to us this year on many occasions. Fishing it dead drift or putting a little life to it, it hasn’t let us down. I’ve talked in depth on a previous post here. This post is about showing it in action.

The Design

The Killer Bug Kebari is designed to dive well. In a pool it mimics a pupae as it sets off to the surfaces and dives back to the river bed where it feels it is safe. It’s this motion that induces a take and has worked brilliantly with this Sakasa Kebari pattern for tenkara.

Taking the deadly Frank Sawyer’s Killer bug pattern with a reverse hackle and weighted head has allowed The Killer Bug Kebari to get down deep quickly. Helping take fish from fast flowing stretches of a river too.

The Killer Bug Kebari

Killer bug kebari

Here is the recipe for the Killer Bug Kebari, If you would like to know how to tie one yourself please see this post – here.

Sechuan super sharp & strong hooks weighted – either size 6 or 7.

6/0 uni thread white.

Semperfli Chadwicks 477 Substitute yarn – if you’re lucky enough then use the Chadwicks 477 yarn (I have used both and they both work as well).

A hackle from a Grizzle Hen Saddle Cape (I buy mine from Ollys Hackles – excellent quality and great prices). I also use Pheasant (church windows) feathers too.

How to use the KBK

The technique is simple, on fast flows just let it ride, on slower water raise your tip and let it dive back down. Depending on the depth of the water you can let it hit the river bed then bring it back to just below the surface then let it dive again.

As far as your cast goes, you’ll need to be aware of the weighted hook it is slightly different from a normal fly but you’ll get use to it pretty quickly.

The KBK in action

Pablo and I have been trying to get a day sorted to film the KBK in action. The weather as normal had hampered most occasions we arranged. As September arrived the first day we had marked to try was on. Here is the fruits of our labour…