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How to Make and Fish the KBK fly

make fish kbk fly Since the last KBK video I’ve been asked many times not just how to tie them but also how to fish a KBK fly. Here is both of those questions hopefully answered. The KBK recipe Hook – Morikawa weighted jig hook Thread – Uni Thread 6/0 white Body – Jamieson’s Shetland […]

Make a fly tying profile plate for less than £5

A fly tying profile plate Whatever fly patterns you tie a fly tying profile plate is a blessing, especially if, like me, the reading glasses have to come out to play more often than they use to! For years the fly tying profile plate has been pretty essential to me. Not only do they help to put […]

The Killer Bug Kebari – KBK caught on camera!

The Killer Bug Kebari designed by has proved itself to us this year on many occasions. Fishing it dead drift or putting a little life to it, it hasn’t let us down. I’ve talked in depth on a previous post here. This post is about showing it in action. The Design The Killer Bug Kebari is […]

The KBK (Killer Bug Kebari) secret is let loose.

As pointed out in my last post I had a fly – The Killer Bug Kebari (KBK). I’d been working on for some time and as normal needed to “run it ragged” before making it available. New KBK available by clicking here I’ve made a few Killer bug Kebari and they have worked pretty well but […]

Tenkara and the flies from heaven

When you put together years of tenkara lessons, practice, research, and cash (as most hobbies!) then I guess you would want to see some return. The years people spend believing there is more to it and try and find the “secret”… I can now tell you I know what that secret is. – “Understand the basics”. Yes […]

Tenkara on the Isle of Mull

A week on the Isle of Mull with Tenkara on my mind… Everywhere I go now along the tenkara pack, it takes very little room and is so light it can go anywhere with me. Mull is an incredible place to visit. The whole week could have been spent sightseeing, every turn another visual masterpiece to be absorbed […]

The dedicated tenkara luggage

If you’ve been tenkara fishing you’ll know about how good it is to take very little, it leaves more room for being happy 🙂 how about dedicated tenkara luggage? What to take? I use to put everything in my pockets and carry my rod in a rod sock but the last couple of years, probably down to laziness […]

Quality leaders at the right price

Tenkarastuff is a one man show set in foothills of the beautiful Peak District national park. I go fishing round the area “quite a lot”! Tenkara was introduced to me in the late 70’s, as well as being shown how to tie the flies, the ethics have always been very important to me. It shouldn’t be […]

Monthly Giveaway – December 2015

This month’s giveaway is a gorgeous quality wooden flybox ideal for tenkara. Incorporating the tenkara ten fly set that we do in the shop with a few other lethal designs too. If I’ve taught you or you’ve seen me fishing you know I use these flies, they’re simply the best. All you have to do is […]