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Tenkara on the Isle of Mull

A week on the Isle of Mull with Tenkara on my mind… Everywhere I go now along the tenkara pack, it takes very little room and is so light it can go anywhere with me. Mull is an incredible place to visit. The whole week could have been spent sightseeing, every turn another visual masterpiece to be absorbed […]

Tenkara from a boat?

    The beauty of Scotland I’ve been going to Scotland for a number of years and if you’ve been you know why the fishing is as it is. We tend to go for the sea fishing but as the Kilninver Estate we stay on has a couple of stunning lochs I always take my […]

Where to fish Tenkara

Tenkara in the UK We’re pretty lucky in the UK for places to fish tenkara. Maybe not the hill river fishing like in Japan but we do have many opportunities to fish tenkara in many places. One of my main “problems” is getting information on where to fish tenkara. The environmental agency and other “agencies” […]