Tenkara wading Staff

The Tenkara Wading Staff

Taken from the concept of the “poachers walking stick” these tenkara wading staffs really come into their own. The Tenkara Wading Staff turns an explorational walk into a fishing opportunity within a few seconds. Pop a couple of flies in your pocket along with a line and you’re ready to fish. Whichever way you take your flies and tenkara line you’ll always be ready for that elusive trout you spot on your travels.

Not just a walking stick

Made of natural hard wearing Moso Bamboo the bottom of the staff is weighted internally and finished with a durable yacht varnish. Completed with a with a paracord handle that is not only extremely hard wearing but also rot proof . These  Tenkara Wading Staffs are always one of a kind as no two are ever made the same. Due to the nature of the bamboo the nodes are always different plus I like to make them all different from one another. That in turn makes them “special” as no one else will have one the same as your very unique wading staff.  Please read the description as some are simply a wading staff and do not contain a rod.

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