Tenkara Rod and bamboo case – set up ready to fish RF530


Fully set up ready to fish with our best selling level line, Tippet, 3 Kebari and clip on line keeper.

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Fully set up ready to fish RF530 with our best selling level line, 3 Kebari and clip on line keeper.

A beautiful unique gift or a treat for yourself.

ready to fish RF530 – This Tenkara Rod Case is made from Moso bamboo, strong and aesthetically made. Due to the very nature of the bamboo no two are ever the same. Therefore as you can see they are always made to be a unique item. Plus I like to make sure they are always different.

Something a little more from your Tenkara Rod Case

The cases you will get your rod in are substantial and are designed to carry your rod in a safe way. These Bamboo tenkara rod cases do exactly the same. You are probably reading this and maybe have come to the conclusion as me, these are something a little more. Elegant and personal each one says something – quietly.

In conclusion they are designed to be both functional and to enjoy looking at. This tenkara bamboo Rod Case will also last for many years to come.

The Tenkarastuff Rod TS10 GM

The tenkarastuff rod is a good honest rod that will suite anyone. I’ve been practicing tenkara on UK waters for around 35 years and I think this rod is amazing for the price.

Why I like this rod

The tenkarastuff rod I use isn’t expensive, as you can see and even though I do have an expensive rod I tend to leave it at home. I’ve never really seen any main advantages from it. I’d sooner break a less expensive rod on a river than run the risk of seeing a couple of hundred pounds being put in the garbage. I started off with a bamboo rod made from a couple of sections from a garden centre many years ago. It was far from ideal but I caught loads of fish with it. I fashioned an old fly rod into a tenkara rod. Again it wasn’t ideal but it was easier to carry around and I caught plenty of fish with it.

Once I got what we would call a tenkara rod today I was delighted. It was so small to carry and so well balanced and light when fishing with it. It hasn’t improved my catch rate but it has made fishing more enjoyable.

About this rod

I don’t hold much belief in the weight idea companies put on the rods. This tenkarastuff rod has a rating of 7:3 and basically this means it has a medium bend/spring to it. You will learn to deal with the take of a fish through practice and whether a rod is going to bend easier than another doesn’t make much difference. Your own movement will compensate for the lack or need of a bend in the rod. If you feel the fish needs a little more time use one hand and the natural weakness of your wrist will allow for a softer pull with the rod. If you feel the fish is ready to meet you then use both hands to firmly pull the fish towards you.

Tenkara rods are not expensive as a whole and whether you pick yours because you’ve had a go with a friend’s rod or you simply like the look of the rod you chose it really doesn’t matter, it will do the job you need it to do. I’ve read that the cheap rods are like broom handles and should be avoided. If I only sold expensive rods and was that way inclined I would probably say the same. This tenkarastuff rod though is a good honest rod that will certainly do the job.

Technical specifications

The tenkarastuff rod is a 12ft or 3.6 meter 30T SK carbon fiber rod that only weighs 106 grams. Beautifully weighted to give you a full days fishing that is a pleasure. ready to fish RF530


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