The KBK at work…

The KBK fly caught on camera

The KBK fly pattern

Killer bug kebariThe Killer Bug Kebari Tenkara fly pattern £5.00

£5.00 available from the shop here

Developed over a long time this fly has proven itself time and time again.

The technique is simple, on fast flows just let it ride, on slower water raise your tip and let it dive back down. Depending on the depth of the water you can let it hit the river bed then bring it back to just below the film then let it dive again.

As far as your cast goes, you’ll need to be aware of the weighted hook it is slightly different than a normal fly but you’ll get use to it pretty quickly.



Tenkara fly patterns

The Killer Kebari Tenkara fly pattern


tenkara flies


Tenkara Killerbug Sakasa Kebari flies – bo 527

£3.99 available from the shop here

Semperfli Chadwick’s 477 subs body and a Pheasant hackle. A great pattern that is simple and very effective. Easy to tie and also the same method as the new weighted killer bug kebari (KBK) that we now have in the shop here 







The Gujo Kebari Tenkara fly pattern



tenkara flies


Tenkara Gujo Kebari flies – bo 525

£3.99 available in the shop here 

Japanese Zenmai body dubbing and a White Metz hackle. A super fly, that with a little practice with the zenmai material, becomes easier to tie. 






The Takeyama Kebari Tenkara fly pattern




tenkara flies


Tenkara Takeyama Sakasa Kebari flies – bo 526

£3.99 available in the shop here

Red silk body Peacock herl and a Grizzle hackle. A Classic Tenkara fly pattern that has proven itself many times over.







The Amano Kebari Tenkara fly pattern

tenkara flies


Tenkara Amano Kebari flies – bo 524

£3.99 available in the shop here

White 6/0 uni thread body and a Partridge hackle. One of the easiest Tenkara fly patterns to tie and one that is always worth keeping in your fly box.







The Fujioka Tenkara fly pattern


tenkara flies


Tenkara Fujioka Kebari flies – bo 523

£3.99 available in the shop here

Japanese Zenmai body dubbing, Peacock herl tag and a hackle from an Irish Picric Hen Cape. Another amazing Tenkara fly pattern that once you’ve gotten to grips with the Zenmai dubbing it is a must for your fly box.







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  1. Steve 1st August 2015 at 12:35 Permalink

    I just wanted to say I think it is a great idea to film from the tiers point of view. It couldn’t have been easy to film like that but I think it is an excellent idea. all really nice videos, thank you, Steve from Oban.

    • Rae 2nd August 2015 at 08:43 Permalink

      Thank you Steve for taking the time to comment, The first couple weren’t easy and I knocked the camera more than a few times! I’ve since made a rest and a new lens for the camera and it seems to be a little easier.
      I’ve since got hold of a go pro type camera to shoot the flies at work… just need some time to try it out! All the best, Rae

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