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Making tenkara knowledge as easy as it should be in the form of tenkara videos.

On this page we hope to add many more tenkara videos therefore showing you many aspects of this fascinating way of fishing. Plus some how to videos to help you along the way. Consequently allowing this style of fishing to become as enjoyable as it should.

Tenkara videos for items available from tenkarastuff

If you buy items from the store we’ll also add videos here showing you how to use them. Therefore removing some of those doubts you may have that seem particularly overwhelming to begin with. After all we’re here to do an enjoyable thing and first of all we should remember that tenkara is simply fishing.

Bamboo tenkara Rod Cases

How to take the top off a bamboo rod case the right way. As a result of this question being asked we thought maybe we should compiled this video that most of all shows you the right way of taking the top off and consequently how easy it is.


Tying a line to a tenkara rod

The knot you’ll probably become very familiar with is this one. This is probably the easiest one used to tie a line on to a tenkara rod. Therefore making things a little more comfortable when out on the river. What seems like an impossible thing to join up and while you may have fished before and are use to knots, this way of joining two bits of line together seems like it will never work. Most of all it really is a very effective knot hence the many hours I’ve spent on a river it has never let me down.




The KBK at work…

The KBK fly caught on camera

The KBK fly pattern

Killer bug kebariThe Killer Bug Kebari Tenkara fly pattern £5.00

£5.00 available from the shop here

Developed over a long time this fly has proven itself time and time again.

The technique is simple, on fast flows just let it ride, on slower water raise your tip and let it dive back down. Depending on the depth of the water you can let it hit the river bed then bring it back to just below the film then let it dive again.

As far as your cast goes, first of all you’ll need to be aware of the weighted hook. As a result it is slightly different than a normal fly but you’ll get use to it rather quickly.



We’ll be adding more of these videos as we can – please keep checking back – or try our Youtube page here



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